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   Zhengzhou sits in the heart of China, as the capital of China's central province Henan.  The city is an important cultural hub to the region and has experienced profound growth as it has grown to become a key transportation hub for the region, and indeed for China at large.  The rapid growth and development resulting from Zhengzhou's urbanization has created a need for the city to have higher capacity wastewater treatment facilities.

  In 2016, Merit Technologies was awarded three contracts by the city of Zhengzhou to address this greater need for larger and better wastewater treatment facilities.  The largest of these three projects is the construction of the Zhengzhou New District Wastewater Treatment Plant.  This new facility will have a capacity of 600,000 cubic meters per day.  Sludge from primary sedimentation tanks and excess sludge from A2O tanks will be digested first and dewatered by a centrifugal dewatering machine.  Part of the dewatered sludge will be dried by the thermal dryer, the others will be transported to a new composting facility for composting with sludge from Zhengzhou's other wastewater treatment facilities.

   Together, these three projects in Zhengzhou are representative of Merit Technologies' biggest effort to provide the most sophisticated and cutting edge design processes for our clients.  We are very proud of our work on these projects and are looking forward to their completion.

Project: Zhengzhou New District WWTP

Estimated Completion Date: 2020

Capacity: 300 tons/day in termal drying (1000 tons/day in anaerobic digestion)

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