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Water & Wastewater EPC

                  Merit Technologies’ EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) services for water and wastewater treatment provide custom solutions to our municipal customers.  These solutions include: plant system integration, plant civil engineering and installation, and long distance pipeline construction.  Our focus on complete installation and commissioning of our customized systems for wastewater treatment plants has led our company to develop a highly specialized team of EPC professionals.  Our engineering services come with a wealth of expertise and supply chain resources.  Our EPC business continues to grow through our consistent investment in customized design, innovative products, cost control measures, and contract administration.

   In the Chinese market alone, our EPC project map proudly encompasses water treatment systems (plants and pipe networks) for over 30 municipalities with an estimated service population of over 100 million.  Some of the facilities we have built are landmarks not only for Merit Technologies, but also for the whole industry—in terms of size and scale, the technologies used, and the speed of job completion.  The total tonnage of water treatment facilities we have installed exceeds 1,800,000 tons/day for water treatment and 5,600,000 tons/day for wastewater treatment.  Our customers depend on our exception quality of products and services as well as our vast technical experience.

Sludge Treatment

   Sludge treatment is the fastest growing business segment for both Merit Technologies and our industry.  BacTee Systems, Inc., our subsidiary, has established itself as a leading compost solutions provider in sludge treatment and odor control through developing, improving, and introducing innovative technology and equipment to the sludge treatment projects we have been involved with worldwide.  BacTee works directly with our end users and engineering representatives to provide process design and implementation of biological odor control, composting, thermal drying, and anaerobic digestion processes for municipal industrial and agricultural applications.


BacTee Composting Processes:

  • MBT-TA Series

  • MBT-TB Series

BacTee Composting Services:

  • Project Feasibility Study and Project Proposal

  • Consulting Service for Detailed Design and Budgeting

  • Engineering and Installation Supervision

  • Plant Commissioning and System Pilot Running

  • Facility Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

BacTee Odor Control

   BacTee Systems provides custom products, systems, and technical support that contribute to the design, production, and implementation of biological odor control systems for air or other gaseous waste streams.  For the past decade, BacTee has been an international supplier of the revolutionary and industry leading BioAer aeration floor system that offers uniform air distribution throughout the media at the lowest possible air/gas transport energy cost.

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