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   Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province - located in central China, serves as the provincial center of politics, the economy, culture, and education.  The city is currently at the center of rapid development and has become a vital transportation hub.  These rapid changes and the ever growing population of over 9.5 million have created a demand for higher capacity wastewater treatment and composting facilities.

   The city has responded to the increased need for higher capacity facilities by undertaking massive investment in several projects to address these issues. In 2016, Zhengzhou awarded Merit Technologies three contracts as part of this plan to overhaul the city's wastewater treatment facilities. One such project is the Zhengzhou Shuangqiao Composting facility.  The facility's capacity is 600 tons of sludge per day.

  Our three projects in Zhengzhou represent Merit Technologies' largest endeavour to provide the most sophisticated and cutting edge processes.  This work brings us great pride and we are eaglerly awaiting the completion of all three projects.   

Project: Zhengzhou Shuangqiao WWTP - Sludge Composting Facility

Estimated Completion: 2020 

Capacity: 600 tons/day

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