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   Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province, in the center of China.  The city is the political, economic, and cultural hub of the province and has been at the heart of major infrastructure development that has led the population to grow rapidly. This rapid rate of development has helped the city become a key transportation hub in the region and for all of China.  The growth of Zhengzhou and it's ever growing population of over 9.5 million has forged the need for higher capacity wastewater treatment facilities.

   This increased demand for new water and wastewater treatment facilities has led the city of Zhengzhou to undertake several key projects to address these needs.  In 2016, the city approved Merit Technologies' bid for three projects, including the Zhengzhou Shuangqiao WWTP.  The Zhengzhou Shuangqiao WWTP Water Treatment Plant project is part of the city's plan to overhaul Zhengzhou's wastewater treatment facilities.  Upon completion, this plant will allow for a water treatment capacity of 200,000 cubic meters per day.

  Together, these three Zhengzhou projects represent Merit Technologies' largest scale projects with the most sophisticated and cutting edge design we have provided.  We are very proud of our work on these projects and are looking forward to their completion.

Project: Zhengzhou Shuangqiao WWTP - Water Treatment Plant

Expected Completion Date: 2020

Capacity: 200,000 cubic meters/day

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